Friday, January 22, 2010

Aiken Or Bust!

IN the words of my pal Laura, its "Aiken or Bust" everybody! I have been given an exciting opportunity to work and train for Boyd Martin in Aiken SC for the month of February. I am very fortunate (and thankful!) that he is considering taking on this "oldster" for a few weeks! I have an excellent support system at the farm that is covering for me while I am gone (thanks Laura, Liz and Tracy!) and more importantly at boys, Ivor and Jake are amazing and I cant thank them enough for all the hard work they are going to do so that I can go to SC for such an extended period of time. To all the family members who are helping them, Moms, Dads, Sisters and friends THANK YOU!!!!
A big thank you also goes to Angela Hambrick, and Marian Shaughnessy who are sending their lovely and talented horses with me, making it possible for me to go and take Z for training as well. Also, a big hug goes to Kathy Goss for providing a trailer while we are there to move the horses around. I am truly blessed to have so many generous clients to support my endeavors and invest in my ability and future as a professional. I could never express my gratitude fully to show how appreciative and touched I am by their constant generosity.
There is so much to do....packing, making lists, checking supplies...packing.....the countdown is on!