Tuesday, July 3, 2012

South Farm Horse Trial

We had a very good outing this past weekend at beautiful South Farm in Middlefield Ohio,  with Jessica Hart and Zophie coming in first in the Beginner Novice Rider A, Tiffany George Kete and Cisco racking up a big win in an extremely competitive Open Novice division, and Leah Fredericks and Earl coming in 3rd in the Starter A section.  All these ladies had outstanding dressage rides, double clears XC, and superb rides in the stadium!  It was so fun and exciting to be on the journey with each of them, and to see so many of their family members out supporting the team.  We also had Ted, Myra and her cousin out on Saturday, helping and cheering the ladies on, sharing a good bit of camaraderie! I am so proud of how hard they have all been working, and it showed this weekend! 

Thank you to Sarah Greer, Chris Gable, and all the volunteers who worked very hard to make this event spectacular; all the big and little details are noticed and appreciated so much by all of the competitors!  Great event, and thanks for all your hard work!

Congratulations again to our ladies and their wonderful horses on a successful weekend!

Birthdays to remember

When I look back at memorable birthdays, its hard to single out one extra special one because my family always made every birthday a fun and extraordinary day.  As kids my Mom made amazing cakes for us in the form of Big Bird, a space shuttle landing scene, or other decorative miracle. We had big parties with friends that my Dad made sure had fun activities, and we always finished the day feeling like a queen, or king,  if you happened to be my brother.  As we grew older, the special birthdays continued with dinners out, festive birthday singing,  and the quintessential Dairy Queen cake.

This year, my birthday was really something.  My family, of course, was ever amazing, with fun calls from my brother and sister in law and a sweet little message from my neice in Switzerland, wishes from Chile from my sister and brother in law,  and a yummy dinner with my parents and son (Ivor had to work) at a great restaurant in Chagrin Falls.  My friends and co workers not to be outdone brought me a birthday lunch from scrumptious Lemon Falls, gave me lots of wonderful things (massages, DD gift cards and more)  and got me a cake decorated with CLOVERS~and yes they even sang me happy birthday.   The most incredible part though, was welcoming our new competition horse to the farm from Ireland. 

 Mandy, Jami, Myra, Ted and Sara welcomed him in style with a suprise champagne toast and cute signs the night he arrived.  Its hard to believe that he has already been here a week now, and you would never know that he is only 5!  Let me tell you, Courtney can really pick one!  He is brave, calm, sweet, and loves to work!  As soon as this guy is tacked up, you better be ready to walk to the ring or wherever because he is ready to GO! He hacks out great...actually he would tell you he prefers to be outside, and I did a jump school on him Friday and he is really going to be so wonderful.  After a fun barn name naming contest, we decided on calling him Captain, and keeping Clover Joe as his show name. 

I cannot thank ALL THE PEOPLE and there are MANY who have helped to make this all happen, and I still feel like its not real...I have had people give me tack, saddle pads, halters,  a stall at the farm (THATS A BIG One), the HORSE (thats a REALLY BIG ONE), sponsors for farrier work, horse trailers, and so much more.  A hundred thank yous are not nearly enough, as all the wonderful gifts I have been given are more than any one person could ever hope for.  

Its been an unbelievable birthday, and so many people helped to make it more special than I could have ever imagined.  That, itself is a truly exceptional gift.