Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dressage Prix de Ville Udpdate

Well, its two days and counting, and everyone has been working really hard to get ready and put in good rides for the team. I am so proud of our riders and horses who are giving 110 percent to fine tune all the details. It has been alot of fun having so many dressage lessons all day long!

Marian and Leggs are really working like a team and showing some great trot work and transitions. Tracy and Stuffer have been refining their tests, and learning all the little details that help to make a good ride. Cindy an Iz have been working very hard on their lengthenings and I am so proud of their progress! They have really transformed the quality of the trot and canter over the last two weeks! Clair is pulling out all the stops with Quinn and has done a great job improving his canter and consistency. I am thrilled with everyone's dedication and hard work, and feel very privileged to be coaching our team. No matter what happens I hope everyone has fun and makes it a positive experience!

I also have Angela Hambrick's Hanoverian gelding Buenos Noches going to the show competing in the Third Level open classes. This horse is getting stronger and stronger everyday, and is finally showing some true half pass and pirouettes. He has begun to let me ride him a little more, and wait for me to tell him what is next instead of anticipating and taking over. I can't thank Angela enough for giving me the room to work with this horse on a consistent basis, as well as the opportunity to show him and try to get him going in the upper levels. He is extremely talented and I know she is as excited as I am to see what he can accomplish.

Good Luck to everyone competing this is sure to be lots of fun!