Monday, April 4, 2011

Swing into Spring!

Arriba owned by Rebecca Salinger

We attended the Lake Erie College Winter Dressage Show with three horses Angela Hambrick's DP Lidcombe & Buenos Noches (Goodman), and Becky Salinger's Arriba (Theodore!)  All the horse's put in outstanding performances the entire weekend.  Goodman started it off with a 61 at Fourth 2, and also garnered himself a qualifying score for GAIG Regional Championships at Fourth 3 with a 64.5!  Lidcombe didn't disappoint either, winning his first two classes, and coming second in the third, also earning a score of a 69% at Training Level 3 for a qualifier too!  He captured the Reserve Champion title at Training Level and only missed being Champion by a few tenths of a point. 

DP Lidcombe owned by Angela Hambrick
 Arriba (aka Ted) was on his game, and was itching to show off his new improved self since coming home from Aiken.  He certainly did it in style by coming second to Lidcombe the first day, and winning the class with a 70% on the second day to clinch the Championship at Training Level.  He also got a qualifying score for Regionals.  It was fun seeing everyone so excited!  While Mary's abscense as show groom was apparent, we introduced our new groom Marcy Gussenhoffen, who did a fantastic job with all the boys.  She had them all shining and tack sparkling for every class!  Thanks to our group of supporters... Jessica Hart, Tiffany George Kete, and Sanae and Akio Tanebe for coming out in the cold to cheer us on!  Next up...HORSE TRIALS!
Buenos Noches owned by Angela Hambrick

Aiken Wrap Up

After a long hiatus, I have finally found time to update our blog! We wrapped up Aiken in style with an event and dressage show, as well as enjoying the last warm weather days we would see for awhile. The horses travelled home and have settled back into work in the frigid north, hitting the ground running with a dressage show 14 days after their arrival. It seems like winter just does not want to let go of its icy grip!

To summarize our Aiken experience this year, I would say it was a season of great learning and meeting fun new people. I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Kevin Keane and his team to assess Zigzag and Goodman, and get them feeling their absolute best heading into what we hope to be an important year for both horses(debuts at Prelim for Z and PSG for Goodman). I also got great insight from the legendary Boyd on jumping Z and working through some of his little demons, and Jimmy Wofford on starting the youngsters. While in Florida, I had the pleasure of meeting Jodi Ely, and her friend Mary, and Cheryl Holekamp with whom I had dinner. Jodi's hospitality was second to none, and it was so wonderful to be welcomed in a place where I thought I wouldn't know anyone. At our home base, Sandy Hills, in Aiken, I also met some exceptional individuals in BJ, Bee Ruane, Gina Reidmuller, and Leslie Davis. These ladies are the nicest, hardworking horsewomen, and I look forward to continuing our friendships! Also, thanks to Bubba Forrester for making our stay a great one!

I also need to extend a huge thank you to Di and Steve Toth who graciously rented their guest house to Mary and I for the duration. They thought of everything in appointing our apartment with snacks, waters, and even made us dinner the first night we were there. They kept a great sense of humor with all our packages that showed up day after day for the new horses, and even took Mary out to dinner while I was at the last show in Florida, as well as treating Bee and I to dinner at O'Charley's the night before I went home. They have a beautiful home and we are so appreciative that they shared it with us!

If there is one thing that I learned, its that the PEOPLE make the PLACE, and generosity knows no bounds. I hope that I can be that person for someone else in the future,and look forward to returning next year!